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2026 | FEB 28-MAR 4

Let the winter magic of the Yellowstone area wilderness romance you to connect deeply with nature and see your own beauty reflected right back. We invite you to start your year with big moments surrounded by geothermal wonders. Mixing trail excursions with wildlife viewing and foundational sisterhood energy. Experience a welcoming pause to refresh the direction your life compass is pointing. This retreat is designed to cover snow miles, while gathering warm support and smiles.

2026 Winter Retreat: Welcome


|  add the spirit of excitement to your winter ... your life will thank you  |

Hello Adventure Girl! How do you take full advantage of the winter months? You know, the season that starts out magical, filled with holiday celebration and New Years resolutions. Then dies down to cinders leaving you with a bland spot somewhere deep within. You get a bit anxious for spring and longer daylight hours. Raise your hand if winter stagnation overrides your sun-drenched lifestyle? 

~ Preferring your slouchy sweatpants over grabbing your backpack.

~ Floating daily in a sea of distractions and demands and notifications.

~ Bored zombie-like Netflix obsession stealing sleep hours.

~ Tired from living in the past or in the future ... or just taking yourself for granted. 

~ You desire to throw on your gear and relish in the snowy landscape outside your window ... but don't know where to start and prefer to not go alone. 

Winter is a magical season, brimming with spaces to play, calling your active soul to experience the shifting that occurs naturally in an intentional outdoor focused adventure. That goes well beyond a vacation. One that will unplug you from life's daily noise, wrapping you up in a beautifully curated winter experience of geothermal magnitude and allow you to SIMPLY, thrive.

* We get moving outdoors to show you how CAPABLE you really are. 

* We talk about all the lovely desires that make your BRAVE soul glow. 

* We share a sun-inspired, sisterhood energy to WILDLY carry you thru the seasons.

* We THRIVE in the snow covered terrain of Montana everyday to expand our lungs and our life's experience. 

You are invited to be part of our winter splendor. Are you READY? 

"Amazing trip. If you are even contemplating going, just do it!! You will not be disappointed.😊😊" K.M. 2019


"I had such a wonderful time last year!!!!! Cherished memories ... hoping to make more!!! ❤️" T.W. 2019

2026 Winter Retreat: Activities
2026 Winter Retreat: Gallery


| love every season ... the experience that sticks with you for a lifetime |



A postcard winter wonderland awaits you driving into West Yellowstone from Day 1. You see a white covered wilderness in every direction, surrounding this charming town. Join us at our private lodge for the next 5 days. A welcome reception with appetizers await you. Meet your new trail buddies. Unpack. Gather around the supper table with lively conversations and your first of several ‘soul glow’ experiences. Settle near the fireplace to soothe away any remaining tensions. Before the first evening ends, you’re already beginning to re-orientate your personal compass, setting the tone for your retreat.


Center yourself upon rising by stretching your muscles and your mind. Gather for a group workshop to identify obstacles on life’s trail … boulders and potholes tripping you up in your everyday life. We take the time to cover how to use your gear and perfectly pack your backpack. As the fog lifts from your mind, we set off on a fresh air snowshoe trek to the pristine Madison River. With an afternoon stop to get acquainted with the animated sport of skijoring. Enjoy a couple afternoon hours of free time to explore W. Yellowstone before everyone meets back up for supper at an iconic downtown restaurant.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Wake up ready for a big day of exploring the magical winter terrain in YNP. Connecting your soul with nature. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and fill your backpack with today’s trail lunch. Prepare yourself for an amazing snowcoach excursion that drops you off to wander snowshoe/x-ski trails among the world's best-known geysers, including Old Faithful. Make sure you have space on your camera to capture vast snow-covered meadows, rising steam, colorful hot pots, and seasonal wildlife. A delightful, full day for all 5 senses.


Imagine the thrill of gliding through majestic mountains with a team of Alaskan Huskies pulling you down the trail. Learn how to “mush,” driving your own dog sled team or sit back as a passenger soaking in the snowy landscape. After the dogs win your heart, use the next couple of hours to explore Big Sky, and grab lunch as a group. We take a leisurely afternoon snowshoe trail that gifts us with a stunning winter waterfall. Enjoy a big bowl of homemade bison stew back at the lodge. Our final celebration dinner, we give gratitude for all the beauty, for all the movement, nature, nourishment, connection, disconnection, and intentional growth we experienced together.

Image by Mitchell Henderson
Photo Feb 17, 1 48 26 PM_edited.jpg


Departure begins after filling your belly with coffee and a warm comforting breakfast. Share in retelling the comedy or stories of your week for our final sisterhood ‘glory om’. Leave our magical winter escape in the mountains fully aware of nature’s wonders and seeing your beautiful self, all wondrous and bright, reflected right back.

2026 Winter Retreat: Activities
2026 Winter Retreat: Gallery


  • Breathtaking Yellowstone National Park Snowshoe Treks

  • Mushing Dog Sled across Moonlight Basin

  • Boot Cleat Trek to 100' Frozen Waterfall

  • Skijoring Spectator Fun, Sledding, or Ice Skating

  • ‘Ignite Your 2026 Inner Compass’ 3-Part Workshop

  • Stretch Your Body & Mindfulness

  • Shared Home Cooked Meals Gathered Around The Table

  • 5 Days, 4 Nights Private Cabin Lodging

  • 2 Group Calls for pre-Retreat Preparation & Intentions

  • 1 Year Follow-up Inspiration

  • Inner Circle of Incredible Women & Lifetime Friendships

  • RCKN IT™ 6-Minute Packing List: Cold Winter Day Trek

  • Snowshoe/Winter Trail Training Videos

  • Smile Wildly™ Gifts to Support Your Retreat

  • Free Time To Explore W. Yellowstone & Big Sky (ice skating, shopping, museum, IMAX, Grizzly Discovery Center)

** For every mile we cover, RCKN IT! gifts $1 to a local charity.  


1 Supper Downtown W. Yellowstone
Snacks & Alcohol
Travel to West Yellowstone Retreat Location
Free Time Excursions
Individual Gratuities for Tour Guides

2026 Winter Retreat: Features



SOLO QUEEN BED  |  $3,400.00 per person  ** $200 CREDIT when your refer a bestie, sister, mom, daughter, and they join us on the adventure. **
SHARED ROOM/BED  | $3,100 per person. One opportunity discount for 2 people. ** $200 friend credit not applicable **

DEPOSIT & PAYMENT PLAN: Prices listed are per person. Pay $600 deposit to reserve your spot. Deposits are not refundable. We can accommodate $500 payment installments with final payment due NLT February 1st, 2026. Additional payments invoiced after you officially register with your paid deposit. Contact Susan, 406.544.1554 to discuss if needed.

2026 Winter Retreat: Activities
two pairs of snowshoes with poles leaning on snow_edited.jpg

"Without new experiences,
something inside of us sleeps.
The sleeper must awaken."
- Frank Herbert

2026 Winter Retreat: About


" I attended the winter retreat knowing that I would only know one person. There was no problem meeting other ladies as Susan had introductory exercises that had us laughing together. The adventures showcased the best of Yellowstone. One could do whatever they felt comfortable with. Somehow Susan even arranged for us to have PERFECT weather during the outings! I thoroughly enjoyed the personal growth workshops. I met some wonderful ladies. I can hardly wait for the next one. "

Dianne M. | Winter Bison Mixer 2019

"You Are Amazing Susan. Another amazing retreat pulled off. I love the thoughtfulness and attention to detail you put into our time at the retreat. You are truly a beautiful soul. I am blessed beyond words for the insights you have brought to my life. "

Sparkley K.M. | Fall Happiness Gold Mine 2019

" Such a perfect long weekend. Will never forget. "

Fearless P.S. | Fall Happiness Gold Mine 2019

2026 Winter Retreat: Testimonials
2026 Winter Retreat: Gallery

SOUL RCKN ADVENTURES seasonal retreats hosted by RCKN IT!™

Susan Boelman | 406.544.1554 |

Founder Susan Boelman, along with guest trailblazers continue to create original seasonal experiences that lead to beautiful self-discovery. Focused on women teaching women outdoor recreation skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Building self-confidence around camping, boating, ATVs, hiking treks, and trail equipment. Stopping for sun-drenched moments to connect with nature, your soul, and each other.

~ We get moving outdoors to show you how CAPABLE they really are. 

~ We talk about all the lovely desires that make your BRAVE soul glow. 

~ We share a sun inspired sisterhood energy to WILDLY carry you thru the seasons.

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2026 Winter Retreat: About
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